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David Crewe is a freelance Kofax KC³ Certified Capture Consultant and Kofax Technology Alliance Program member - certified on Kofax Capture, KCNS and KTM - offering consultancy, contract and training services as well as a number of bespoke customisations and tools for use with the Kofax Capture suite.

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Latest News

-    DocCopy 1.3 launched.  A configurable utility allowing copies to be made of documents
     where multiple value fields are detected.  Now supports multiple runs in a single workflow,
     and copying of the associated Kofax PDF files.

-    Custom Text Export 1.6 Launched.  The highly configurable template-based export
     connector for Kofax capture allowing output to ANY format and layout, now includes
     enhanced single page export format support, and conditional exports.

-    Discussion: Conditionally skipping documents in Kofax Capture Validation.

-    Discussion: Assigning a default Form Type in Kofax Capture.

-    Discussion: KTM without KTM - well sort of...

-    easyBatchSplitter Service launched.  easyBatchSplitter is an automatic batch splitting and
     re-routing utility for Kofax Capture, able to split batches by pages, documents, document
     type, or form type.

-    Discussion: Validate 1 in 10 Documents - we don't always need to see everything...

-    Discussion: Kofax Capture Validation scripts - why and how.

-    Discussion: Kofax Capture Recognition scripts - why and how.

-    Discussion: Why you should see the small picture as well as the big one...

-    easyLOOKUP v2 easyLOOKUP automatic code-free multi-field database lookup for Kofax
     Capture has been upgraded to .Net to support new features and allow more efficient
     database matching.

-    floatingDataExtract Launched.  floatingDataExtract allows you to extract data which moves
     position from document to document using standard Kofax Capture recognition - no need for
     scripting or KTM.

-    Free Stuff!  We will be putting up some free scripts that can be used in Recogniton and
     Validation, as well as a guide to using them.  If you are new to scripting, these might be a
     good starting point to learn from.

-    David Crewe Ltd is now on twitter and facebook.  Click the links at the top right to follow us,
     and be kept up to date with new products and offers.

-    easyWORKFLOW v2.2 easyWORKFLOW for Kofax Capture now has the ability to alter batch
     priority, apply a number of new processing tests, and populate batch and index fields with
     system values.

-    flexSEARCH our most flexible and interactive Kofax database search so far!  flexSEARCH allows
     you to call a truly interactive multi-field database search from with Validation.

-    dcUTIL_DotNet a completely revised and improved version of the multi-purpose Kofax
     database lookup and field auto-correction script utility launched.

-    easyIMPORT v2.5 Launched.  Kofax Import Connector easyIMPORT now supports XML
     import, Poll Once, Poll Selected Folder, Active/Inactive folders, 'Batch per Subfolder' and
     more new features.

-    easyQA v2 Launched.  easyQA for Kofax Capture has had a revamp and now includes the
     ability to turn functionality on or off for specific batches.

-    easyINDEX v2 Launched.  easyINDEX for Kofax Captue has had a revamp and now includes
     some additional checks and features.

-    Batch Control launched.   A utility which allows restrictions to be configured on manual
     processing of batches via Kofax Batch Manager.

-    Kofax Capture 10.1 launched.  All of our custom components have now been tested against
     the latest Capture release, and are fully supported.

-    New Database Folder Export Connector launched - DB export connector allowing custom
     foldering and filenaming for Image, PDF and OCR output.





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  • DocCopy 1.3 Launched           A customisable utility allowing the automatic duplication of documents with multi-value fields.
  • Custom Text Export 1.6          A custom text export connector allowing template based index files to be released, meaning data can be written to absolutely ANY format and layout.  Now includes enhanced single page output support and conditional exports.
  • easyBatchSplitter Service Launched   A code-free automatic batch splitting and re-routing utility.
  • easyLOOKUP v2 Launched     A revamped version of the  customisable multi-field fuzzy database lookup facility allowing OCR/ICR correction and complex database searches to be configured in minutes with no coding or SQL.
  • floatingDataExtract             The new easy to configure utility allowing data which moves from document to document to still be extracted using standard Kofax capture.
  • easyWORKFLOW v2.2             The multi-use workflow agent now has a host of new features to allow even greater flexible code-free batch processing.
  • dcUTIL_DotNet                    The multi-purpose database lookup and field auto-correction utility now has a range of new and improved features.
  • easyIMPORT v2.5 Launched   A folder/XML import connector for Kofax Capture, allowing multiple folders to be polled, and batches to be automatically created.
  • easyQA v2 Launched             A revamped version of the customisable Quality Assurance utility, including new features.
  • easyINDEX v2 Launched         A revamped version of the customisable auto-validation workflow agent, includes new checks and features.
  • Batch Control                         A utility which allows restrictions to be configured for manual processing of batches via Batch Manager...
  • Updated Component Support All custom components have been tested and now support Kofax Capture v10.1
  • Database Folder Export         A highly customisable database export connector now supported for Kofax Capture and Kofax Express.
  • easyTRACK Launched            A utility allowing customised email notifications to be sent when specified Batch events occur.
  • easyCLIP Launched                 A customisable image clipping utility allowing user-configured zones to be clipped.  Clupped images can be added to the current document or used to create a new document.