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About Us

David is a freelance Kofax KCĀ³ Certified Capture Consultant and Kofax Technology Alliance Program member - certified on Kofax Capture, KCNS and KTM.

David studied Business, Finance, and Computer Science before working for three years in a Project Coordination role for the Ministry of Defence.

He then worked for two years as an analyst/developer for a small software house developing interactive web based interfaces to large database systems.

Following this he moved into the Capture world, working for three years as Senior Software Specialist for Kofax in the UK, focussing on the Kofax Capture and KTM product suite, before setting up his own Kofax Consultancy.

David has extensive experience as a Consultant, Developer, Trainer and Project Coordinator, and has worked for a huge variety of private and public organisations of all sizes in the UK and abroad, on projects ranging from a few days to several years. This varied academic and work background means that David has the skills and experience to see a project from the business, as well as the technical perspective.


Our Products

Our set of custom add-ons for Kofax have been developed over a number of years, and are being used in production systems around the world.

Each one is designed to add some extra functionality to Kofax, in order to gain processing efficiencies, or simply to offer functionality which the standard Kofax product does not have.

All products are designed to be configurable and re-usable over different batch classes. They are configured via simple setup screens available in Kofax Administration, and require no coding or specialist skills - just a basic understanding of the Kofax process.

Functionality that could take days or even weeks to develop from scratch can be added to your jobs in a matter of minutes!

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Our Services

David can offer professional services around the Kofax Capture and KTM product suite.

Services include training, workshops, general consultancy, and bespoke development.

Our current and past clients are based all over the world, and we can offer both remote and on-site work where necessary.

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Latest News

Custom Text Export v3.0.4 Released

A completely customisable export connector allowing export to ANY layout and format. Includes a built in template designer.

A single export connector that can be configured differently for each job. Any content, layout, and format. XML, SQL, Email all in one connector.

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easyIMPORT 2.5 New Features

Kofax Import Connector easyIMPORT now allows Batch Fields to be set during import, and also allows you to Close, Suspend, Reject or Delete a batch after import success or error.

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DocMerger for Kofax Released

A completely customisable document merging utility for Kofax Capture, allowing complex custom merging to be added to your batch classes with no coding.

Documents can be merged by Form Type, Document Class, Index Field Value, and many more options.

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dcUTIL_KTM Launched

dcUTIL_KTM is a scripting plug-in allowing complex batch routing and splitting functionality to be added to KTM scripts in minutes.

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