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Kofax Capture 11 - Good News, Bad News

The latest version of Kofax Capture was released at the end of October 2017.

Here we discuss some of the good and bad news that the new release brings.

The Good News

This version contains a number of bug fixes and resolved issues, and also some useful new features – see Kofax.com for more information and release notes.

Some of the new features include:

-Enhancements to user tracking, including the recording of changes made in Administration, which should make investigation of issues introduced by Admin changes much easier.

-Batch Class Versioning allows you to track and manage different versions of batch classes, and restore previous versions more easily than the current manual methods.

-Workflow Agents can now be invoked on batch deletion (including during export).

These new features, along with a number of other 'under the bonnet' changes and updates, should lead to a more user-friendly, stable and efficient Kofax platform.

The Bad News

For a while Kofax have been telling us that SBL scripting is deprecated and will be removed ‘in later versions’ but with no specific timescale. However, we now have a definitive statement in the release notes for v11:

Although Softbridge Basic Language (SBL) is available for scripting in this version of Kofax Capture, SBL will be discontinued in the next major or minor release, which is currently scheduled to be Kofax Capture 11.1... at this time, we recommend that you convert any existing SBL scripts to VB.NET or Visual C#.

SBL is used in Recognition Scripts, Field Macros, Validation/Verification/Folder scripts… if you have a number of batch classes you may not even realise you have any SBL scripts.

Now is the time for a thorough review of your current batch classes to see if you use SBL, and how much of the scripted functionality is still required moving forward – from 11.1 you will need to have converted all your scripts to .NET.

There is no ‘conversion wizard’.

Whilst some copy & paste will be possible, in most cases scripts will need to be completely re-written.

On Balance

The good news really outweighs the bad news in terms of the product features, enhancements, and operation, however the potential effort and cost required to redevelop SBL scripts may prove to be a nasty sting in the tail for those wishing to upgrade.

If you have batch classes using SBL scripts, feel free to Contact Us for a free no obligation review of your current SBL scripts to see how much effort is required to redevelop in .Net.

Alternatively check out our .Net Scripting Guides and start making the changes yourself.

All of our Custom Add-Ons for Kofax are now tested and supported in Kofax Capture 11.

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