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Import Connectors

Import connectors allow you to bring pre-scanned or previously generated images and files directly into Kofax without manual effort.

They allow you to create batches automatically from existing documents and files.

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Export Connectors

Export connectors take the documents and data from Kofax and write them out to a database, content management system, or file system.

Using custom export connectors allows you to have far more control over the layout, content, and format of the exported data.

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Workflow Agents

Workflow agents are programs that can be called at the close of each Kofax module.

They can alter the batch structure and content, and can re-route the batch through Kofax modules, or even skip modules altogether.

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Custom Modules

Custom modules are fully functioning workflow modules which can be added to a Kofax processing queue as a module.

Custom modules have full access to the batch data and structure and can make changes to them if required.

Kofax Transformation Modules are an example of highly integrated custom modules.

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Database Utilities

Kofax Capture has some limited built-in databse lookup capabilities, but these can be restrictive and little control is allowed over how and when they are called.

Custom database utilities can be used to perform complex SQL searches, and allow users to interactively choose results. They can also be used for data validation, and for automatic field correction.

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KTM Utilities

Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) are a set of custom modules which are tightly integrated with Kofax Capture.

KTM offers a rich custom scripting environment where you can enhance the standard functionality and add custom capabilities to your projects.

Our utilities for KTM allow you to add complex enhanced functionality in minutes.

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