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DocMerger for Kofax is a customisable automatic document merging utility allowing complex merging operations to be defined.

You can merge by Form Type, Document Class, Index Field values and more. All of this is defined through a simple setup form with no coding required.

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easyWORKFLOW for Kofax is a multi-purpose workflow agent which allows a huge number of Batch, Document, Structure, and Field processes to be defined.

These processes include actions such as skipping Validation if all fields have high confidence, re-ordering document pages, or applying 'cleanup' scripts to fields.

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floatingDataExtract for Kofax allows you to define regular expressions and extract data which matches the formats defined.

This allows you to extract certain data fields using zonal extraction even when the data is not in a completely fixed position.

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easyQA for Kofax allows you to alter the default settings for Quality Control, Validation, and Verification.

Where these modules are used, the standard behaviour is that every single document will need to be manually checked.

easyQA allows you to determine what proportion of documents you want to have manually checked for each of these modules.

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easyINDEX for Kofax allows you to automatically validate documents where certain criteria are met - meaning that the manual validation effort is reduced.

If all defined criteria are met, documents are marked as valid. If all documents are marked valid, the whole batch can optionally be routed past Validation.

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DocCopy for Kofax is an automatic document duplication utility.

Multi-value fields can be detected and the relevant number of copies are made of the original document and added to the current batch.

This is ideal for documents which require multiple sets of indexing, and removes the need for multiple physical scans of the same document.

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