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Scripting Guides

The links below will take you to our Recognition and Validation scripting guides. These can be used as a good starting point to learn how to create scripts in Kofax.

The links opposite will take you to some code samples which can be easily incorporated into your own scripts. They range from the very basic to the slightly more advanced.

All of the scripts are written in VB.Net. If you need more help with these, or have old SBL scripts which need converting (SBL support will be removed from version 11.1 of Kofax Capture), then please Contact Us for more help.

Recognition script guide

Validation script guide

Code Samples

Remove Spaces
Remove Multiple Spaces
Upper Case
Lower Case
Leading Capitals
Blank Low Confidence
Alpha to Numeric
Get Substring Value
Validate 1 in 10 Documents
Regular Expression Extraction
Default Form Type
Conditional Validation