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Assigning a Default Form Type

In the example given we will look at a basic batch class with either ‘Northwest’ or ‘Unclassified’, but the method shown will work for any number of Form Types.

You simply need to extend the logic of the samples given below to cover all the different Form Types you need.

Create a FormID Zone for Northwest.

Enter ‘NORTHWEST’ for the Search Text.

Create a FormID Zone for Unclassified (you will need to add a filler page of some description as a sample page).

Enter ‘UNCLASSIFIED’ for the Search Text.

Edit the Recognition Profile. Save As a custom profile – in this case called ‘ScriptClassification’.

Select Script, choose VB.NET as Scripting Language and Create.

Use the drop downs to select RecognitionPostProcessing event and add script as shown.

Save and Build the project. Test the FormID Zones on each sample page.

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