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Validating a Subset of Documents

Create a Document Validation Script for a Document Class. Select VB.NET as the Scripting Language.

Use the drop downs to select the DocumentPreProcessing event, and add the code shown below:

Add a function to read a value from a Batch Field, as shown below:

Save the Project and Build.

Repeat for each Document Class in the Batch Class.

At the Batch Class properties add a Batch Field called ValidationNumber and set a default value. In the example below the value is set to 3 meaning you will see 1 in 3 documents in Validation.

Publish the Batch Class.

When you process a batch in Validation, only 1 in 3 documents will require validation. However, the rest of the documents will still be visible should you need to make any changes, or check further.

NOTE: If you use Folders, the scripts would need to be altered to take this into account. Also, other scripts and lookups etc which are configured for documents may not run if this functionality is used. Ensure adequate understanding of the complete batch process before implementing ANY custom functionality. Always ensure sufficient testing is carried out before use in a production environment.

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