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Function AlphaToNumeric(str As String) As String
  Dim tmpSTR As String = str
  Dim alphaSTR As String = "UCoOQDa(\/|IliLjzZrAusSGbBgq"
  Dim numSTR As String = "0000000111111111222445566899"
  For i As Integer = 1 To Len(tmpSTR)
   If InStr(alphaSTR, Mid(tmpSTR, i, 1)) Then
    Mid(tmpSTR, i, 1) = Mid(numSTR, InStr(alphaSTR, Mid(tmpSTR, i, 1)), 1)
   End If
  AlphaToNumeric = tmpSTR
 Catch ex As Exception
  AlphaToNumeric = str
 End Try
End Function

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